Maintenance Oil


【2-1 LUBRICANT & ANTI-RUST】quick drying oil and provides a ultra thin film reducing friction and heat allowing blades to last longer and preform at maximum efficiency.
【WHITE MINERAL OIL】 food grade meaning as lubricant and potentially indirect additive it is 100% safe there are no chemicals, fragrances, or any other harmful substances that other brands may have and can be harmful or irritate your skin.
【WORKS WITH ALL BRAND】Braun, Wahl, Phillips, Norelco, Electric Shavers, Straight Razors, Hair Clippers, Scissors or any other lubricated appliances.
【30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】 Not the right Oil for you? No problem! Our hassle free money back guarantee ensures you won't regret your purchase!

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Product Description

Have you considered that the maintenance oil your using for your shaver or other appliances later applied to your head, face and hands is unhealthy or even toxic?

Enjoy Shaving & Hair Trimming Perfection!

Looking for a maintenance oil to protect your razor’s from getting rust?

Have you had enough of poor quality electric shaver lubricants that irritate your skin?

In search of a SAFE shaver lubrication oil for your hair clipper, trimmer or safety razor?

Electric Shave Club’s white mineral lubricant oil will turbocharge your appliance’s performance & prolong its life!

Here’s How You Can Get Pro Performance For Your Hair Clipper, Trimmer, Straight Razor Or Shaver!

Only a few drops on the blade of your appliance are enough to take its efficiency to a whole new level!

By forming a thin layer on the blade surface, ESC shaver lubricating oil reduces friction in use, facilitating your task and providing you with pro grade results.

Plus, this premium lubricant for clippers will protect your appliance from rust, ensuring durability and longevity for your shaver, clipper or straight razor.

Why Choose ESC Blade Lube?

· Mineral Oil formula, for max efficiency

· 100% SAFE, chemical & fragrance-free, non-irritating

· Great Braun, Wahl, Norelco, Philips, Remington blade lubricant

· Perfect for hair clippers, trimmers, electric shavers, straight & safety razors

Use Directions:

· Hair Clipper Blade: 3 drops across while running.

· Electric Shavers: 3 drops across each foil or rotary cutter, including trimmer & center cutter while running.

· Straight Razor/Pocket knife: 2 drops top and bottom of middle pivot hinge.

· Safety Razor:1 drop on each hinge that opens.

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