Deluxe Pack

$147.00 $107.00


  • ESC-100 Electric Shaver Shaver
  • 3x Replacement Foil & Cutter “3 years expected use”
  • Beard Trimmer
  • Nose Trimmer
  • 4x Maintenance Oil

Product Description

Our Deluxe Pack is 25% off and features all of your grooming needs, the ESC-100 is the best shaver deal on the market and will give you a close shave year round. We also include 2 extra replacement foil and cutters in this pack providing you up to 3 years expected use. If you like the option of growing out facial hair or just trimming head, neck or body our beard trimmer will take care of your needs. Finally our nose trimmer for some precision nose or ear trimming combined with our Pre-Shave designed to absorbs excess oils and wetness. You can achieve a more comfortable shave each use making this one great deal.


Affordable Japanese steel replacement blades sourced directly from Japan. They will cut closer and last longer.

Magnetic Motor

Our high-speed motor delivers 13,000 cycles per minute and automatically adjusts according to beard density providing no tug or pull and a closer more comfortable shave.

Pop-up trimmer

The pop-up trimmer feature is designed to trim sideburns, mustache, and knock down overgrown facial hair with extreme precision.


This unit is rechargeable cordless, in-case of emergency power loss you can shave corded or cordless.


The ESC-100 has a IPX7 water resistance rating, you can wash to clean or even use it in the shower!


This unique sleek and modern design works cordless rechargable and works great for trimming beard, head, neck, or body. Its stainless steal head
and slim design makes it easy to use and extremely effective. Featuring 4 cutter lengths for the perfect look and feel after trimming.


Our blades are Japanese stainless steel sourced directly from Japan. They will last longer and cut closer!


Oil maintenance oil is hypo allergenic made from vegetable oil, it is completely safe to use and an effective lubricant.

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